RespondER® CPR Mask W/ Gloves & Wipe In Hard Case

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This kit features our top quality RespondER® CPR Mask (not made with natural rubber latex) in a hard-shell case, with a pair of nitrile gloves, and an antimicrobial wipe. The CPR mask includes a one-way valve with filter and an oxygen barb for the administration of supplemental oxygen, if desired. The form-fitting face piece makes it great for adult and child patients alike. Comes in a sturdy crush-resistant case. The nitrile gloves are not made with natural rubber latex, and the antimicrobial wipe is alcohol-free. This kit affords the First Responder additional protection needed to safely perform CPR. At this price, you can equip everyone with this quality CPR kit. Reduce the risk of contact with contaminants, and don't settle for inferior "plastic wrap" type masks.