Arch AED Medical Direction And Program Management 1 yr

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The AED Prostore not only offers life-saving equipment like AEDs, but also ArchTM AED Medical Direction and Program Management with these benefits and features:

  • AED prescription and full medical direction from a team of state-specific physicians
  • Written policy and procedure manuals approved and updated by our Medical Direction Team
  • Automatic AED registration with your local Emergency Medical Services for “Good Samaritan Law” compliance*
  • Automatic registration with your local 911 call center for added confidence in case of an event
  • Monthly AED check reminders to assure your AED is functioning accurately
  • Interact online from your computer or mobile device to view or update your AED’s expiration dates, placement maps, readiness check logs and more
  • Email reminders of upcoming expiration dates on AED batteries and electrode pads
  • Easily re-order electrode pads and batteries through the online dashboard, making AED maintenance easy and hassle-free
  • Online tracking of trained responders, including certification status and expiration dates
  • Post-event data review by a physician should you ever use your AED in a resuscitation attempt

Even if you already own an AED, Arch AED Medical Direction and Program Management is available to you.

* Several states require medical direction to receive Good Samaritan Law protection. To learn more about the Good Samaritan Laws in your state,

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