Why do the class cost seem high?

Why do the class costs seem so expensive? Much of the cost is made up of a Student Card that is required for all students, unless they have one. This is required and mandated by The American Heart Association. If  an instructor does not require books they are not following AHA policy and could loose their ability to certify students.  Card costs can range from $7 to $22,  As for CPR Safety Services, we also have over head others do not have, as we have business license, store front and liability insurance many other trainers do not have. Your choice … Continue reading Why do the class cost seem high?

Why choose CPR Safety Services

CPR Safety Services works with many of the largest companies in the Northwest,so why not you. We train all of the Pharmacists for Walgreens and Shopko. We work with TransCanada, Pawn 1, Touchmark on South Hill and many more fine companies. We offer classes at either our studio or your location, we don’t work out of our home. For questions please send us an email to CPR@CPRSafetyservices.com or call us at (509) 638-8828 Continue reading Why choose CPR Safety Services