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Health experts warn of heart risks during the holiday season!

With all the fears of not having products on the shelves for this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season, Heart Attacks will be on the rise, are you ready? I mean really ready?

Many of our clients for employment reasons or financial reasons are playing with fire and not getting their certifications updated and therefore are not ready for family emergencies. The most common days for Women to have a heart attack is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter.

These events are normally filled with stress in a normal year, however this is not a normal year.

“Researchers said deaths from cardiac and non-cardiac causes dramatically increase starting with Thanksgiving in November and continuing through January. Though doctors don’t know exactly why, they suggests some possible reasons include changes in diet and alcohol consumption. There is also increased stress from things such as increased obligations, family interactions and strained finances. ” according to last head lines in ABC 11 Eyewitness News.

When we add the effects of the Covid pandemic and lack of supplies at the grocery and other stores, this is shaping up to be a heightened Cardiac Event Season.