2020 AHA new guidelines / Changes

2020 AHA new guidelines / Changes

Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy

According to the 2020 AHA guidelines, Do no Delay providing chest compressions for a pregnant woman in cardiac arrest.
High-quality CPR can increase the mother’s and the infant’s chance of survival., If you do not perform CPR on a pregnant woman when needed, the lives of both mother and infant are at risk.
Perform high-quality CPR for a pregnant woman in the same way as anyone else. Use and AED for a pregnant woman in cardiac arrest. If the woman begins to move, speak, blink, or otherwise react, stop CPR and roll her onto her left side.

Infant Compressions

A single rescuer may now use 2 thumbs or the heel of 1 hand for infant compressions
2020 (New): for infants, single rescuers (whether lay rescuers or healthcare providers) should compress the sternum with 2 fingers or 2 thumbs placed just below the nipple line (mammary line).
2020 (New): For infants, if the rescuer is unable to achieve guideline-recommended depths (at least one third the diameter of the chest), it may be reasonable to use the heel of one hand.
Why: Systematic reviews suggest that the 2-thumb – encircling hands technique may improve CPR quality when compared with 2-fingers compressions, particularly for depth. However, there are limited data comparing the various hand positions.

Changes to the Pediatric Assisted Ventilation rate

2020 guidelines
New Breaths limits for infants.

2020 (Updated) Rescue Breathing; For infants and children with a pulse but are absent or inadequate respiratory effort, it is reasonable to give 1 breath every 2 to 3 seconds or 20 to 30 breaths/min.

Ventilation Rate During CPR with an Advanced Airway, 2020 (Updated):
When performing CPR in infants and children with an advanced airway, it may be reasonable to target a respiratory rate range of 1 breath every 2 to 3 seconds. (20 to 30 breaths /min), accounting for age and clinical condition. Rates exceeding these recommendations may compromise hemodynamics.
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