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Military Update(effective Dec 2018):

Choosing American Red Cross vs. American Heart Association

In December 2018, The Department of Defense (DOD) posted that only American Red Cross certifications will be allowed to be used on base. If your connected to the military, and required to have certification, it must be American Red Cross Certification.


If you working in community Medicine or local Hospitals they will require you to have the American Heart Association.

Check with your command if military as to which certification the require. This might mean you need both American Red Cross and American Heart Association certifications which CPR Safety Services can provide.

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Find out why CPR Safety Services is your best choice for CPR and First Aid certification in the Pacific Northwest, located in Spokane :

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Spokane, 1104 W. Wellesley ave.

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In class

If our valued prices are to much for you, contact us,  You deserve the best training, don’t settle for less. Remember to check our calendar, we offer a class for  virtually any schedule.

We at CPR Safety Services are here to serve you, not ourselves.  Our class times are flexible, have then 6 days a week and can meet your busy schedule.  You will always find a class that meets your requirements.  We teach American Heart Association and Emergency University courses.  They include both in house classes and on-line blended courses.  CPR, CPR and First Aid, CPR/AED, CPR / AED with First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens,  Pediatric First Aid with CPR / AED certification.

Our Online courses are convenient and affordable, saving you time and money, Ask us about our  AHA or Emergency University online courses.  Looking for an AED, we are authorized distributors of ZOLL and Heartsine AEDs.  We keep our prices competitive with the internet, if you find a verified price less than ours, we will meet it.

We offer classes virtually seven days a week. yes that includes Sundays if it is necessary.  Our class times are generally:

Although class times are not for walk-in purpose, we ask for at least one day pre registration, if we have the class confirmed for a particular day,  you may come in the  same day, but no guarantees.  All prepaid classes are guaranteed, we never cancel a class once we have a paid student.

CPR Safety Services seeks to provide you the most up to date training.  There are changes coming, only at CPR Safety Services will you receive them.

Here are some terms that I find often my students do not know the definition;  Do you….?

    1. Encircling Hands with thumbs.
    2. Ratio for rescue breathing, what is the Ration for Children, for Adults, or how about the ratio for the advance airway?
    3. When do you call 911 when you find a child non responsive if you are by yourself.
    4. What do you do with the child under puberty that is unresponsive, how much, how long.
    5. What is the Rate of Compression’s?  Is this the preferred rate or is there a better one?
    6. Do we still perform breathing?

If your instructor is just teaching hands only or you can not answer the questions I have listed, then you need a new instructor. CPR Safety Services is that instructor.

Why get CPR certified? Check out  Ambulance Response Times.

According to a “USA TODAY analysis found, Emergency medical systems in a majority of the nation’s 50 largest cities save only an estimated 6% to 10% of the victims of sudden cardiac arrest who realistically could be saved, which is the national average. But if all major cities followed the steps taken by Seattle, Boston, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and a few others that measure the truer response time, they could raise the survival rate to 20% or more, and about 1,000 more lives would be saved.” If all you do is call 911 we expect an 8% to 12 % survival rate. When a first responder, a public citizen responds, the survival rate goes up to as high as 40%.

New York Ambulance
New York Ambulance New York ambulance Response Times

Longer times were found when cities began to track ambulances with a different formula that calculated how much time it took the 911 system to transfer the call to the right response unit. This brought many of the response times up by as much as 5 minutes.   New York once boasted that it only took 6 minutes and 47 seconds for its average response, under the new method, the time rose to 9 minutes and 42 seconds.

Response times continue to increase as the system slows down such as with a Volunteer Ambulance Services that many communities of smaller size utilize. Response times for a volunteer Ambulance Service can run an average of over 15 minutes or longer.

Few cities truly know how long a response takes and most people don’t realize how long it has taken for the ambulance to arrive.  I talked to one business who said the ambulance was really quick, when I followed up; the time was well beyond 10 minutes. USA Today reported that “Only nine of the 50 largest cities track their response times, most other U.S. cities don’t know their response times, or refuse to disclose them”.

Furthermore, “This situation persists even though research clearly has shown that precise measuring improves performance and saves lives. Houston, for example, went from a near-zero survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest to 21% after it started to measure and fix problems that became clear” according to the USA Today article.  CPR Safety Services believes it is time we hold our City Councils responsible for knowing their specifics of their emergency response system.

Does it make sense to follow the 8 minute rule that many cities impose on Ambulance Providers? Many in defense of slower Ambulance response times suggest little difference in survival of the victims. Calgary Canada for example reports only a 1.5% difference between those who were responded in 7 min and those who had a response that exceeded the 8 minute rule.   This does not take into consideration the difference in how the victims survive.


At CPR Safety Services we pride ourselves in providing you the best training experience you have ever had, we don’t do BORING very well.

Visit our AED ProStore for all your AED Needs. We keep adding product so if you don’t see what you want. Just let us know.

  Visit AED ProStore for all you AED needs.

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