Notes from the CEO/Trainer and FAQ

Norman Patton, Founder
Norman Patton, Founder- Instructor

Select your  Class Time and Date as part of the check out process, all dates are listed.  We will confirm by placing you in our calendar and sending a confirmation,


LeAnne (Siga) Patton
LeAnne (Siga) Patton  Co-Owner / Trainer

Class times posted below under each class such as:

  •  Mon thru Friday 9:00 am or 1:30 pm

  • Tuesday and Thursdays 5:30 pm

  • Saturday 9:00 am

Class times are not for walk-in purpose, we ask for at least one day preregistration, if we have the class confirmed you may come in same day, but no guarantee.  All prepaid classes are guaranteed, we never cancel a class once we have a paid student.

The American Heart Association requires us to sell you a Student Manual if you do not have a current issue.  the policy states:  All Students are required by The American Heart Association to have a student manual during the class and available to them after the class with few exceptions.

This is not our policy but that of The American Heart Association.  Every AHA Instructor is required to follow this policy or risk loosing their ability to teach, so please don’t ask us to violate this policy. You may view the entire policy as posted on our website by selecting the button below.   This is a national policy.  Keep your copy, if you have the current edition you don’t have to purchase one now.