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We began workting in 2009 and moved to our location at 1104 W. Wellesley Ave, Spokane in early 2010.  Our purpose is to provide the best training for cpr possible. We offer cpr training near you.

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CPR Safety Services “Credo”

1. We cherish our customers at all times.
2. We treat our customers like our best friends.
3. We listen and attempt to understand our customers needs.
4. We give our customers what they need, at the time they need it.
5. We give our customers what they pay for at a reasonable price.
6. We explain what we teach and why, not just teach.
7. We educate customers in what they need and why.
9. We match our product to the customer, we make sure what you buy is what you need.
10.We conform to our clients needs, not them to ours.
11.We give you more value than what you pay for.
12. We thank our customers for choosing CPR Safety Services.
13.We help our customers pay us, so our customers are not Embarrassed and go somewhere else where they get less value.
14. We ask our customers to allow us to meet their needs a gain and to share our values with their friends.

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LeAnne V. Patton – Instructor

best training for cpr

Norman Patton, Founder
Norman Patton, Founder- Instructor