Defibtech AEDs

Defibtech Lifeline VIEW
Defibtech Lifeline VIEW / ECG AEDs 5yr battery, $1595.00
defibtech lifeline semiauto group view
Defibtech Lifeline and Lifeline AUTO AEDs 7 yr battery $1100.00
dcf viewaviationthumnail1
Defibtech Aviation VIEW/ECG AEDs 7yr battery $1455.00

Defibtech Lifeline VIEW / ECG / PRO AEDs

8-year warranty, full color video screen, voice and text prompting, optional ECG monitoring, and durable 1000lb crush resistance! A top choice for police, fire, and EMS!

Defibtech Lifeline™ and Lifeline AUTO™ AEDs

8 year warranty, Voice prompts, Text-prompts, Flexible rescue techniques, Pediatric pads for pediatric rescue, 9V battery used for self-checks, Cost of ownership over 10 years very low.

Defibtech Lifeline AED units are simple to use and known for their high durability. Popular with EMS, police, and fire, Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED units have won awards for their ergonomic design. Defibtech voice prompts are loud and clear, and Lifeline VIEW AEDs offer video walkthroughs during a rescue. 5 year and optional 7 year batteries keep standard Lifeline AEDs going. A 9 volt lithium battery is used for internal tests; this saves the main defibrillator battery from discharging during most checks. Defibtech defibrillators also come with an 8 year warranty, so you can rest assured that your AED unit is covered for nearly a decade.

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