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CPR Safety Services offers multiple American Heart Association® (AHA) Heartsaver® training courses including CPR/AED or First Aid training. All courses are led by our certified instructors who have worked as either a first responder or nurse at some point in their career and can impart real-world advice to students. Schedule your training class today!

Why CPR Safety Services & AED ProStore?

We carry almost all brands of AED trainers and CPR training manikins. Prepare your students with products from Ambu, Nasco, Laerdal, Prestan, Simulaids and so much more. We also carry all 2015 AHA ECC course material.Shop AED trainers, manikins and AHA ECC course material by brand below.

Most Up to date Manikinsnewest manikin

The most complete line of CPR and specialty training manikins available anywhere! We have the right training manikins and CPR dummies to train CPR, AED use, advanced medical procedures, and rescue exercises.

One point of contactA training specialist assigned to you will go to work for you, handling every detail of the process so that your training experience and any needed certification documentation is professional, timely and simple On-site training from full-time medical professionals

All our instructors are highly trained and have been instructing  many Emergency Room Doctors, advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), Firefighters, Paramedics or Critical Care Nurses Flexible Scheduling Daytime, evening, or weekends National ReachTraining available in all 50 states

Records Management and AED Site Assessments 2-year CPR Certification tracking and AED placement advice to help with legal complianceStay up-to-date with AED Laws, Good Samaritan Laws, your AED consumables, and more with our Medical Direction and AED Program Management Service!

VIEW ALL > Customized TrainingAED brand-specific training available at no additional cost. Increases confidence in deployment of your AEDs by trained students.2019 AHA Compliant Training ProductsFind all of our AHA 2019 Guidelines Compliant Training Products right here! One flat feeNever any additional travel, materials or certification feesExperience providing training solutions for:

  • Large Enterprise
  • Small Business
  • Community Organizations
  • Individual Schools
  • Entire School Districts
  • Private Groups

Training in all 50 StatesWith hand-selected American Heart Association instructors in every state, AED Superstore can provide on-site training at any location within the United States.

CPR certification,  AED and First Aid groups courses, Save by being a Group.  Choose American Heart  Association or American Red  Cross.  All OSHA approved.

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1. We cherish our customers at all times.
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3. We listen and attempt to understand our customers needs.
4. We give our customers what they need, at the time they need it.
5. We give our customers what they pay for at a reasonable price.
6. We explain what we teach and why, not just teach.
7. We educate customers in what they need and why.
9. We match our product to the customer, we make sure what you buy is what you need.
10.We conform to our clients needs, not them to ours.
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Business Group Rates AHA First Aid, CPR AED (Group up to 5)
Business Group Rates AHA First Aid, CPR AED (Group up to 5)
Group rates for 5 students. ( 5 is minimal size for this rate to bring this class to your location) OSHA approved

Business Group Rates AHA CPR AED Class Min of 5 (up to 10)
$650.00Class size of 5 up to 10 students. OSHA Approved.



Red Cross, CPR AED Group Rates of up to 5 Students, Min of 5 Training Blended Learning
American Red Cross CPR AED Group Rates of up to 5 Students, Min of 5 Training Blended Learning



  • adult first aidBLS for Healthcare w/out personal mask Price $55.00 good until Jan 31, 2021 ! Suited for medical , dental and other professional health care providers


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