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Bag Valve Masks

Bag Valve Mask, and Pocket BVM Supplies (Ambu, Laerdal, Portex BVM varieties & more!)

BVMs like AMBU bags play a vital role in patient care scenarios. CPR SAFETY SERVICES carries a wide variety of manual resuscitators (BVM types), including adult, child, and infant sizes, disposable, reusable, and military grade bag valve masks. View our selection of top BVM manufacturers at affordable prices, or learn more about BVM history, use and challenges in our BVM Guide.

Bag Valve Mask Fundamentals: Guidelines, Challenges, and Everything You Need to Know About Proper BVM Use

A BVM plays a key role in emergency rescue breathing. They were invented to replace bulky and difficult Iron Lungs. A BVM is a portable and often compact resuscitator that enables medical rescuers to assist with patients who have difficulty breathing or who have stopped breathing in emergency medical situations like cardiac arrest.

You’ve seen them on TV, in the hospital and perhaps even during a CPR training class, but where did they come from? Who uses them, and when are they used? How has technology advanced over time? What’s the difference between an Ambu Bag and a bag valve mask?

Adult disposable BVM resuscitator with adult size #4 mask by Laerdal Medical. Not made with natural rubber latex. Choose single or case quantity from the dropdown window above. $16.00