2015 AHA Online

2015 AHA Online

Hands on Skills Session
K-12 for teachers & Coaches CPR FA


Scheduling Basic Life Support On-line

Notes: After completing the online portion of this course,


You must complete a hands-on session (included within the below prices) we are an approved training site with INHS, an  AHA Training Center to obtain a course completion card. Contact an AHA Training Center in your area for more details or to schedule a hands-on session.

Save employee hours by useing AHA online Blended Courses.  Same Certification OSHA approved

Here is what your should know about online courses. Don’t Worry about AHA online courses, they are fully approved by OSHA and meet  your employers demands.

Our all-new HeartCode courses are updated to reflect 2020 Guidelines for CPR & ECC and use a personalized adaptive algorithm for the most efficient path to content mastery.Complete online training on your own time and at your own pace. AHA offers a variety of e Learning and blended learning options. 

Blended courses, also  referred to as a hybrid course, is a course format  uses both face-to-face and online teaching therefore Blended courses  remove face-to-face time from the total time spent on class commitments to online time. Learning activities and assessments can occur both online and face-to-face.

Caution with Online Courses

Companies offer certifications at a ridiculous low rate, you need to be aware some are frauds and will not be accepted by your employer.

Fraud alert!

Certified Trainers or Courses – Be Aware of cheep courses, you could be wasting your money,


The American Heart Association does not certify trainers, doctors or training courses created by other organizations. Claiming training products or materials are “AHA Certified,” “AHA Approved,” “AHA Compliant” or “created by AHA certified” people, where the “AHA” means the American Heart Associationare not true.

Only AHA American Heart Association  is the real thing.  Use CPR Safety Services an honest AHA  training site.