Why does the class cost seem high?


Why do the class costs seem so high? Much of the cost is made up of a Student Card that is required for all students and a book is also required. This is required and mandated by The American Heart Association.  If cost is a concern, look at one of our American Red Cross classes.

Card costs can range from $7 to $22,  As for CPR Safety Services, we also have over head others do not have, as we have business license, store front and liability insurance to protect you and our business for any mistakes that may  occur, many other trainers do not have in

Your choice is, do you want a professional trainer or a part time trainer?  Also CPR Safety Services offers classes multiple times a day and 6 days a week,there is no waiting for a class to form.

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Why choose CPR Safety Services

CPR Safety Services works with many of the largest companies in the Northwest, so why not you.

We work with TransCanada,  South Hill Village  and many more fine companies.

We offer classes at either our studio or your location, we don’t work out of our home.

With our Corporate clients we take the hassle out of cpr records.  We provide you the added benefit of receiving  a copy of your employees certification. With your invoice we will attach a copy of your employees certification once the employee  has claimed. it.

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For questions please send us an email to CPR@CPRSafetyservices.com or call us at (509) 368-9458

There is a reason we have been around for 11 yrs, we simply are the best.

CPR Safety Services, LLC

How to select a class:

Schedule BOOK NOW!

Click Book Now button, Select your  Class Time and Date then check out.  We will confirm by placing you in our Calendar and send a confirmation.

You will need to provide an active email address and a mobile phone number.

See days and times posted below under each class such as:

Mon thru Friday 9:00 am or 1:30 pm

Mondays  5:30 pm

Saturday 9:00 am

Class times are not for walk-in purpose, we ask for at least one day preregistration, if we have the class confirmed you may come in same day, but no guarantee.  All prepaid classes are guaranteed, we never cancel a class once we have a paid student.

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The American Heart Association requires us to sell you a Student Manual if you do not have a current issue.  the policy states:  All Students are required by The American Heart Association to have a student manual during the class and available to them after the class with few exceptions.

This is not our policy but that of The American Heart Association.  Every AHA Instructor is required to follow this policy or risk losing their ability to teach, so please don’t ask us to violate this policy. You may view the entire policy as posted on our website by selecting the button below.   This is a national policy.  Keep your copy, if you have the current edition you don’t have to purchase one now.

Questions, contact us below, or call us at (509) 638-8828